The Triskele

About the Logo

Although frequently thought of as a Celtic symbol, the Triskele or Triple Spiral, is actually derived from the Greek word “Triskeles” meaning three legs. It is thought to represent the concept of continuous motion – action, progress and energy. Other connotations include past-present-future and the 3 feminine powers – maiden, mother & matriarch.

When I first started 2nd Career Consulting, I was searching for a graphic to use in my logo. Thanks to a combination of my Irish heritage and a daughter who was a competitive Irish Dancer at the time, I came across the Celtic Triskele.

As my initial clientele were women who had taken a career break, the meaning of the Triskele seemed to perfectly combine the powers of the feminine, along with energy and forward motion to the future required to have a successful job search and re-entry to the workforce.

2nd Career Consulting

The Triskele